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Migul C – “Thank you for all your help, I achieved grade 8 in GCSE maths. I‘ve decided to take maths for A Level. Thank you for everything.”

Migul was showing enthusiasm for learning new topics that he has not been taught at school and has developed a positive attitude toward all homework assigned to him. He listened and followed tutors’ lead very well and has shown steady progress in mock tests. As a result, Migul has boosted his maths result from grade 6 to final grade 8.
Elizabeth C –“Joanna was delighted to get her Level 7 in maths. Thank you so much for all your works and great supports. Most importantly, Joanna enjoyed her maths journey especially after starting tuition with Maths Mentors.”

Joanna aimed for grade 7 and she wanted to learn advanced topics that school teachers did not teach thoroughly. She was having some difficulty with algebra topics, but she continued to work hard and managed to do more practices with tutors and minimised her calculation errors. We are pleased that Joanna achieved the grade she expected.
Kush S – “Thank you for help, I have got an A in C1 and C3. I am going to study Economics at University of Reading this September.”

We are truly grateful to be part of Kush’s learning journey. He was preparing AS maths (C1 and S1) simultaneously while he was studying A2 maths modules. Kush took two sessions a week and attended sessions throughout entire academic year and making steady progress academically. Kush has improved his grade from D to A at C1 and also grade D to grade B at S1.
Shania F. - “Having maths tutors really helped boost my grade and my self-esteem in maths. I would definitely recommend tutoring service at Maths Mentors. “

Tutoring Shania has been a rewarding experience. Tutors delivered excellent result under pressure as Shania joined us in year 11 and GCSE exams were only few months. Our tutors not only followed the national curriculum but also nicely blended dynamic resources to help her build her confidence and gain familiarity with various exam-type of questions. She has improved her grade significantly and done both herself and her parents proud.
Yemi A. –“The tuition service was very useful and made maths much easier. I like the tutors very much as they were very friendly and helpful. They made me strive for more progress and aim high. I really appreciate the help they’ve given.”

We feel very privileged to tutor Yemi in our tuition centres. He joined our tuition while he was at year 10 and it offered tutors the opportunity to work with him and aim to deliver an exceptional result for his GCSE exams. Tutors gained a deeper understanding of his strengths and weakness in each topic and tailor-made his learning plans that showed a commitment to ideas and methods of good practice. Yemi’s parent were also extremely supportive as a result his GCSE grade which was boosted by two levels.
Mareena L –“I got an A in my GCSE exam. Thank you so much for helping me. I have chosen Maths as one of my A Level subjects too. “

Tutors have been tutoring Mareena since she was in Year 9 and helped her maintain her standard throughout her GCSE preparation. Tutors prepared various resources in grade A and A* topics in their approaches. Mareena has simply grown in confidence and this has enabled her to tackle more challenging maths problems. We are so pleased at helping Mareena realise her full potential.
T. Kham–“ I am pleased my daughter has got an A in AS level maths. She's got 98% in C2. “

Mrs. Kham’s daughter is a talented student and she aimed to achieve a high grade in the beginning. Her tutor's experience was vital in helping her maximise her potential. Meanwhile, Mrs. Kham’s daughter was also very punctual, brought back homework every week and consistently attended sessions. Tutors were exemplary in preparing her for AS Level exams and we were delighted when she achieved an A.
Patience M –“Thank you for having Bethel and instructing and teaching him to improve his mathematics. We are very delighted with your service because when I attended his parents evening, his maths teacher could not stop praising him. He is doing very well and that boosted his confidence in all other subjects. We are all ever thankful for your service to Bethel. Thanks you to all your team. “

Bethel is a year 8 student and he was in second set in his class initially. Nevertheless, Bethel has demonstrated a desire to improve his maths level and tutors helped him develop a positive attitude towards to his goals of improving at maths. Bethel returned quality homework on time, he stayed focused on the topics at sessions and consistently attended sessions. We are so proud of all he has accomplished. He is now ready to study GCSE maths in Year 9.
Nasriya M. - “Thanks so much for you and the tutor helping me achieve my targeted grade. I’ll be going university this year to study English literature. “

Nasriya was struggling in maths and she re-sat GCSE exam this year. She was extremely apprehensive in the beginning; however, a structured plan has been developed which targeted Nasriya’s specific learning needs. Furthermore, tutors have been very dedicated on exam practice, refreshed her fundamental knowledge of maths that helped her gain confidence.
Khadija H. –“ I really appreciate the help of tutors have given to my son and am so happy about his result in the GCSE exam this year. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you so much!”

Khadija’s son has his own learning pace and easily to loses focus during studying. In sessions, tutors not only supported his development of maths skills but also provided a friendly, caring and enjoyable environment to engage the student. Tutors designed his study plan according to his weaknesses and it helped him improve understanding and achieved his ideal result.
Kumari D. –“ My daughter got an A for maths in her GCSE exam. Thanks so much for helping her. “

Kumari’s daughter is a talented student and she needed help in maintaining her standard and achieving a higher grade. Tutors helped her in straight line graphs, quadratic equations, conditional probabilities, inequalities and further graphs and so on. Tutors explained various maths problems in a way she understood and delivered the lessons which have resulted in the improvement of her maths skills.
Jasmina G – “I am extremely grateful to tutors for giving me the confidence to pass my GCSE maths with a grade A. I had very difficult time understanding teachers at school. Tutors at Maths Mentors were approachable, helpful and patient with me as I took longer time to understand maths concepts. It paid off at the end. “

Jasmina has found it hard to study maths as she could not understand well based on teaching methodology used by her school's teacher. Tutors tailor-made her studying plan and looked into her maths problems at school, giving her strategies to solve her problems. They have got on with the work smoothly; as a result, Jasmina did very well in her GCSE exam.
Ajenthan D. – “I predicted I would get a B grade but my result came as an A in further maths. It blew my mind. Thank you for incredible help and would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to achieve their target grade.”

Ajenthan has chosen to study further mathematics in year 11 and has found difficulties to dealing with simultaneous equations, vectors, 3D geometry, and coordinate geometry. His tutor built his confidence by constructing an engaging sessions with lots of exam-style practice questions. He encouraged homework completion and gave instant constructive feedback on his works to improve motivation. This approach meant Ajenthan was well prepared for his final exams.
Mala T. - “My daughter has received tremendous supports and guidance from you. Thank you so much! Particularly, she has found maths lessons interesting and enjoyable again. She achieved a great result in her KS3 exam and is well prepared to go for her GCSE. “

Mala’s daughter was talented and among high achievers in her class. She lost motivation quickly in her maths class as the problems she was solving were too easy for her ability. Her tutor quickly understood her situation and adapted the lessons by giving her challenging problems and mixing the topics from higher level maths. We are delighted Mala’s daughter is finding her maths class challenge and interesting again.
Rashid S. - "You’ve done excellent job for me, thank you so much! I am really glad that I could work at my own pace and you offered as much guidance as I need. Going through past exam papers were really helpful; so I have a good idea of what to expect. I’m so happy to have found you as my tutor. “

Rashid did not do well on his 1st year maths exams. He had to retake core mathematics 2 and statistics 1 module on top of his A2 level maths modules. It brought him more work into second year and he felt stressed. Rashid's tutor tailored each session to his needs and individual requirements. Rashid learnt how to think actively, organise his workload effectively and maximise his productivity. By making sessions memorable and fun, his tutor has taken the anxiety out of his exams and helped Rashid to concentrate on what matters most. All of these efforts have achieved a highly rewarding result. Rashid got an A grade in his maths A Level.
Saqib K. – “Thank you so much for the great help. I have got an A in Math. Now, Maths makes a lot more sense to me. “

Saqib found statistical concept complicated at A-Level. He was happy with the tutor who has taught him methods to approach statistical questions. The tutor demonstrated concepts clearly and explained how he can get extra methods and accuracy marks in exam. At the end, Saqib received an A in this module.
Binu G. – “Thanks very much for showing such a dedication and care in teaching. My son has gained confidence and increased interests in his studies. My husband and I were very pleased with the outcome. ”

Binu’s son is likely to be a kinaesthetic learner; hence, the tutor used puzzles, games, and models answers to motivate and teach maths. He became attentive and improved his mock exam results at key stage 3.
Declan M. – “Fantastic ! Got an A* in maths A-Level! Thank you so much for your help.”

Declan struggled in doing Core mathematics 4 integration and lacked understanding of sketching and transforming graphs. Declan really enjoyed being tutored at Maths Mentors. He found his tutor to be very knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. He found the teaching method to be tailor-made for his needs. Declan went from a predicted grade of a C to achieving an A*.
Christiana A. - “Excellent tutor, very pedantic- Enthusiastic and polite. “

Christiana’s son was at GCSE level and had found difficulties in solving linear and quadratic equations. The tutor guided Christiana’s son to have fun while learning through games in tutoring as well as following a structured learning regiments. It is most rewarding to see Christiana’s son growing in his abilities. He improved his maths grade from a B to an A.